Tuesday, 13 March 2012

A Trice of HAPPINESS . . (ep. 3)

A very tiny cat with some mud on walking nearby my brother while he's accompany 
my mum at the wet market . . 

- At home - 
He'd changed from a muddy cat into a fully milky white fur . . The tiny he is, the younger he is . .  Aey bet he's a month two weeks . . Hmm . . 

The past is the best teacher . . He is placed inside the house. Since he is too small, the shoe box was quite enough for him as a shelter .. Instead, there still a large space for him . . Then, we put some fabric as the base layer and it could covered him when he still sleeping . . He just like a baby in the house . . 

Since he is too small and couldn't savors mama's milk . . The loving housefather bought kitten's milk just for him.. See ? He's really attractive !

OK, here's got milk . . But, how to feed him ? Huh! Another question mark . . ! Again, that kindly father bought a kitten's bottle cost twelve dollars . . 

Within her situation without protective mum, he had to be independent in order to survive. Hmm, the weapon is claws and small teeth . . 

Aey'm not so daring with him yet as he never stop biting . . Aey'd used small towel and covering all parts of him especially at the claws area to avoid some CUT (hyperbola) and scar . . Then, Aey'll feed him with that 'cheap' bottle . . 

Badly, the stalk couldn't stay longer . . So, next ? !

We went to the supermarket and bought a bottle that contains sweets . . We bought it two as preparation . . It only costs two dollars . . Much expensiviers ! Ah! What a word ?

Seems like it's stay longer . . Haha ! Unpredictable . . ! 

Almost 3 weeks after, he fall sicks . . Flu . . ! He keeps on sneezing . . Before things gettin' worst, we brought him to the veterinar . . He got the same antibiotics as Tiara had, a new syringe and a bottle of eye drop. They said this antibiotics kinda sweet vice versa to the cats as they don't like sweet . . The milk powder is also need to stop as it made him diarrhea. Plus, we have the right age of him now, 7 weeks . . Not far from Aey's conjecture . . Good !

Good news, now Aey'm not using towel but both my hand . . Huhu ! Finally, Aey brave to handle him. His claw and biten wasn't hurt . . Well, he's a baby right ? Hmm, kind of amused . If Aey know that earlier Aey wouldn't burden myself to have towel everytime to feed him . . 

Days by days . . The condition gettin' bad . .  He seems tremendously tiring !
He sleeps all day long . . We REALLY worried about him. We really wished things won't comes twice . . 

U n t i l   t h e   f a t e   m a d e   i t   s o  .  .  

He roll over here and there weakly, very  w e a k . . Just imagine it . . One's called everyone's . . Surrounds him . . After few moments, he tried harder to looked at everyone's surrounds him  d e e p l y  . . Just to make sure he's not alone . . Everyone's gaving him support, spirit in order to stay stronger . . My eyes starts stagnant with tears . . 

After few weeks with us,
After few weeks of excitement, joyness,
After few days falling sick, 
After few days having medicines . . 
After few moments he brood us over . . 
After all those precious time we had together . .
After all the songs together,
After, a f t e r, 
a f f t t e e e r r . . . 

The fate let us see Ronaldo for the last time . . 
until the last breath . . 
The fate let we touch you . . while you're still breathing, honey
The fate let us be with you ...
until your golden moments, which not everyone get it, darling
The fate let you know that you're not goin' alone, love . . 
The fate still gave you chances to live longer suviving with us, dear 

U n t i l    t h e    f a t e   l e t    t h e   l a s t    b r e a t h i  n g   o c c u r s . .

Even you're gone . . The memories with you compactly etched in our minds . . And neither will be erased nor forgotten . . 

W E    L O V E S    Y O U ,   R O N A  L D O  .  .  !

To be continued . .  .

N e x t . . . (ep. 2)

Should Aey put here episode 2 . . Whatever it is, this is the sequence . . 

My 'big' brother went to wet market with my mum and my dad to bought some groceries and all those . . 
Suprisingly they come back with a cat called "Rainbow . . " It's has the symbolic . . We hope with the name given he will bright up the days as before . . 

Unfortunately, the day has come . . 

He keep himself inside a  box that we prepare for him so it could protect himself from cold . . 
He ain't goin nowhere . . He piss and manure at the same box . . 
We moved him but he ain't movin. The next day, we found he stiffly dead . . 

* * * * * * * *

We keep on searching the best cat as a pet . . But, mostly on kitten . . Huhu ! They're just so cute ! ^_^

Hence, my sister brought back a kitten named Tiara . . She's black and white in colour . . 
Wow ! Kinda fluffy but just perfect . . !

She's kind of nippy, adorable, and Aey lost the best word to decribe the 
best way she is . . !

She still young but had lost her mum and had to survive herself . . And ANNA was right by bringing her back home . . ! Everybody loves her . . My parents, everyone ! She knows how to tackle us . . Haha ! What a cute of you Tiara . . !

Then, she fall sick . . This time we do our best and bring her up to the veterinar . . She had a flu . . So, they gave her the best medicine for her . . They prepared us the syringe and remind us to gave her after her meal twice a day . .  

The night has come, moon never forget the duties . . 
Aey and my sister went out and feed her . . Hmm, she look pale and weak . . NOT as well . . Maybe she still didn't get used with the drugs and still feel some kind of dizzy or something . . 

Meanwhile, we can't enjoy by playing with her . . So, after finished everything we HUG her and let her sleep . . Aey still remember her 'bedroom', it was the bottom rack of my white high heels which Aey still keep even Aey'm not fit enough with it now. . 
What a memories . . ? ! Haha !

- T h e  n e x t  d a y -

Aey was very excited to meet Tiara . . She should be recovered  by todays . . At least a bit as Aey hope some changes. Hurriedly, Aey take my bath so that my lovely mummy will have no reason to gave me some speech . . Haha ! Wearing shirts, done with hair . . Arrgh ! Why this taking so long . . Aey miss my sweetie Tiara, my joyness !

Huh ! Finally, done with all that . . 

Aey ran to the doors, unlocked it, p u l l   i t  a n d  went out . . 
Wearing slippers and meet my . . 

O H H   M Y . . . 

Argh, the situations just same as in the dramas that you watched in tv every tuesday night . . The tears falling down on the heroins cheek and so on . . Hmm, that wasn't the best part so just guessing what coming up next as the things flow . . 

Aey thought she could stay longer . . 

To be continued . . . 

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

The Incipience Of Love . . . !

Hey everyone ! Aey don’t know how to starts but Aey’ve got the content. So lets move on. Hmm, what can you guess out from the title ? Mostly, people will spin a yarn of their personal life with their soulmate. Same thing that Aey'm trying . . NOWDAYS, they have became my soulmate. So, lets starts with the history . . Quite long enough . . Haha !

OK, correction everyone ! The last entry Aey did told you Aey DON'T LIKE history . But, it's really important yae ? Don't let my word affects you and worsen the situation that's really out of control that the real condition you do really hate to touch the history book at all . . Huh ! What a negative thoughts ! Make sure its not happen as your mother will gonna stop you from reading my blog . . Yae yae yae ! Whatsoever ? !

This is how it goes . . .

Once upon a time, there was (enough with an ancient method . . )

Let’s make it simple . . My siblings really loves mammals . One day, when they’re walking home there’s  a few cats followed up . They do really excited and worried cause my daddy and my granny really hate, nop it’s actually they doesn’t like them because they’ll simply fertilizing on the ground here and there. YES, that’s a wildcats manner as they training themselves . But if it is your pet, you’ll make sure they behave nicely, right ?

Meantime, the elderly in my home didn’t expelled them out besides feeding them . “Let them stay here meanwhile. We would see whether they really wanna stays here”. Guess how do them feels ? Really excited ! That’s mean they already having permission to have the cats as their pets . BUT, if they stays here longer .

For display only that kinda related with the history

They gave queen of the cats, Risya, and her kids are Kitty, Kittun and Intan. They pampered them. And what do Aey realized, there's a happiness on their face as the exciters within their custody. Seriously my sister and Aey really scared with a cat and Aey don’t know how she gonna treat it as a pet if she didn’t dare to touch although a single fur. If our family were having meals outside and saw cat even from far, we’ll choose to left the food and get in the car without thinking much. In dangerous way you’ll only think to save you life even the cat are not harmy to us, human. Wildcat can jump on the table just to get a pieces of food. That’s what Aey hate so..

Day by days, month by month, we’d seriously bought their cookies and learning the best for the pets. And everyday conversations must have the pets parts.

Sooner, holidays beginned. We decided to visits daddy’s hometown. And the cats were left home freely so they need to hunted for food themselves cause the food wasn’t enough to feed them for a week. While we're above on the sky, they all keep quiet. Aey know they worried with their cats.

“Heyyie ! Risya, Kitty, Kittun, Intan . . Where were you guys ? We’re back . . ! Heyyie . .” Slowly the eyes glassy, the voice getting slower and gone muffled . . Aey know they’re sad but Aey’m not feeling the same ways cause they’re not my cats and Aey’ve never have ones. Besides, Aey’m staying in hostel so my time were only for my books and my life. Not for pets !

Suddenly, a black (not really black, its actually dark brown if it’s fur clearly seen), jumping here and there and come towards my brother, it’s owner. “Kitty, I know you’ll be here, honey ! Promise me you would’t left me, OK ? I love you so much . .  blab la bla and so on” . . Another two siblings trust that their cats were there too (the way from Kitty was just now) . . Aey standstill there and waited. BUT, things get into vice versa. They have gone and don’t know where ? That’s how Risya, left with her two kids.

The only left is Kitty. But then, she also left when we all gone for a vacation. That’s the story of the first pet. But there’s a changes. My sister now daring to touch a cats, but only her pet cause she know it better. Me ? Hmm, Aey’m daring .. Daring to see them closer . .  AT LEAST, there's still an ENHANCEMENT . . 

Do my siblings fed up and frustrated to have a pets again ?

To be continued . .

Sharing an interest; 5 FACTS OF A CATS . . !

Finished with those . .  ! Let's continue . . 

Aey having so many interest, while only stated one . . You may check it out on my profile . . OK, you don't have to do so . . We have to appreciate every second we have . .  Wasting is evil practises . Right ? So, let me stated it here . . Aey loves kitten@cat so much !  (even it describes the same, but their physical comes in different ways) .

What do you really know about them ? ? Aha ! Living things ?
Nahh, thats kindergarten answers !

These is the facts
of cats 

  1. Did you ever tried to feed your cat food that just came out from refrigerator ? Mosts cat will prefer their food at room temperature and will BOLDLY REFUSE any food that is too cold and too hot . Choosy right . . ? Ahaha ! Next,
  2. Never feed your cat dog food, they need 5 times more protein than dogs do. OK, remarks on dietry nutrition . . 
  3. If you can't feel your cats ribs, means they are just too heavy. Aey've got ones, no two . . ok, NOT SURE !
  4. 95% of cats owner admit they talk to their cats . . How about the 5% left ? They waste a chances . Have you ever talked neither with a cat nor a kitten ? Aey do had a conversations with all my cats and kitten especially with my siames cat, Danya . She's pugnacious a little bit  mischievous, err.. Aey have to honor her dignity . Even a Hey! she will response . . Just guessing her mood and the word based on her voice inflection . That's how the conversations occurs . Haha ! Try it, you may feel the joyness . . ! (^_^)
  5. Domestic cats are essentially lonners. When placed in a group, they will develop their own hierarchy . As long as have a plenty of food on hands, a cat can learn to share it's domain with other cats . Hmm, my situation is quite differences . When their generation flourish , they seems much happier than having a little owns . . The sharing parts, ermmh, not too sure cause they necessarily will compete with each other to fulfill their own tanks . But, it distinct when the status change . My sampler is Damya . When she's a virgin and when she had a 'mother' title, it's totally different . As a virgin, she behave like the above statements . Jump to three rows above, left side, yae right ways on your sights, the compete parts . The writing is red in colour . Huh ! Finally, well, thats not easy to let others understanding you sentence and doing right ways as commended. Not that's easy to be a boss as your dream wishes. Continue back . . And when she being a mother to a three kids@kitten she will let the others having their meals first . So does the human nature . . A mother won't be able to see her kids starving . What is the values you got ?

Aey realized and do admit the description for number 5 was long enough . . Hmm, Aey doesn't like to read so much as Aey got grade B in my history, even it was learn by heart but it still need an understanding as much as reading . (the mumbling starts . . bla bla bla . . ?#$@&%) . Whatsoever . Hmm, these all should be enough . .
Wait for the next entries . . !

Monday, 20 February 2012

A newcomers . . !

Congratulations ! ! !
Your blog is just set - up . . . 

It was currently influenced by a friend  sorry, it was actually friends, that's how you are made . . 
I've read out their blogs and follow their suit . . Their writings were totally awesome ! Aey wish to be like them ! I have so much in my mind but, I have to pause it for a while cause Aey have to cooks and done some house chores . .