Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Sharing an interest; 5 FACTS OF A CATS . . !

Finished with those . .  ! Let's continue . . 

Aey having so many interest, while only stated one . . You may check it out on my profile . . OK, you don't have to do so . . We have to appreciate every second we have . .  Wasting is evil practises . Right ? So, let me stated it here . . Aey loves kitten@cat so much !  (even it describes the same, but their physical comes in different ways) .

What do you really know about them ? ? Aha ! Living things ?
Nahh, thats kindergarten answers !

These is the facts
of cats 

  1. Did you ever tried to feed your cat food that just came out from refrigerator ? Mosts cat will prefer their food at room temperature and will BOLDLY REFUSE any food that is too cold and too hot . Choosy right . . ? Ahaha ! Next,
  2. Never feed your cat dog food, they need 5 times more protein than dogs do. OK, remarks on dietry nutrition . . 
  3. If you can't feel your cats ribs, means they are just too heavy. Aey've got ones, no two . . ok, NOT SURE !
  4. 95% of cats owner admit they talk to their cats . . How about the 5% left ? They waste a chances . Have you ever talked neither with a cat nor a kitten ? Aey do had a conversations with all my cats and kitten especially with my siames cat, Danya . She's pugnacious a little bit  mischievous, err.. Aey have to honor her dignity . Even a Hey! she will response . . Just guessing her mood and the word based on her voice inflection . That's how the conversations occurs . Haha ! Try it, you may feel the joyness . . ! (^_^)
  5. Domestic cats are essentially lonners. When placed in a group, they will develop their own hierarchy . As long as have a plenty of food on hands, a cat can learn to share it's domain with other cats . Hmm, my situation is quite differences . When their generation flourish , they seems much happier than having a little owns . . The sharing parts, ermmh, not too sure cause they necessarily will compete with each other to fulfill their own tanks . But, it distinct when the status change . My sampler is Damya . When she's a virgin and when she had a 'mother' title, it's totally different . As a virgin, she behave like the above statements . Jump to three rows above, left side, yae right ways on your sights, the compete parts . The writing is red in colour . Huh ! Finally, well, thats not easy to let others understanding you sentence and doing right ways as commended. Not that's easy to be a boss as your dream wishes. Continue back . . And when she being a mother to a three kids@kitten she will let the others having their meals first . So does the human nature . . A mother won't be able to see her kids starving . What is the values you got ?

Aey realized and do admit the description for number 5 was long enough . . Hmm, Aey doesn't like to read so much as Aey got grade B in my history, even it was learn by heart but it still need an understanding as much as reading . (the mumbling starts . . bla bla bla . . ?#$@&%) . Whatsoever . Hmm, these all should be enough . .
Wait for the next entries . . !

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