Tuesday, 21 February 2012

The Incipience Of Love . . . !

Hey everyone ! Aey don’t know how to starts but Aey’ve got the content. So lets move on. Hmm, what can you guess out from the title ? Mostly, people will spin a yarn of their personal life with their soulmate. Same thing that Aey'm trying . . NOWDAYS, they have became my soulmate. So, lets starts with the history . . Quite long enough . . Haha !

OK, correction everyone ! The last entry Aey did told you Aey DON'T LIKE history . But, it's really important yae ? Don't let my word affects you and worsen the situation that's really out of control that the real condition you do really hate to touch the history book at all . . Huh ! What a negative thoughts ! Make sure its not happen as your mother will gonna stop you from reading my blog . . Yae yae yae ! Whatsoever ? !

This is how it goes . . .

Once upon a time, there was (enough with an ancient method . . )

Let’s make it simple . . My siblings really loves mammals . One day, when they’re walking home there’s  a few cats followed up . They do really excited and worried cause my daddy and my granny really hate, nop it’s actually they doesn’t like them because they’ll simply fertilizing on the ground here and there. YES, that’s a wildcats manner as they training themselves . But if it is your pet, you’ll make sure they behave nicely, right ?

Meantime, the elderly in my home didn’t expelled them out besides feeding them . “Let them stay here meanwhile. We would see whether they really wanna stays here”. Guess how do them feels ? Really excited ! That’s mean they already having permission to have the cats as their pets . BUT, if they stays here longer .

For display only that kinda related with the history

They gave queen of the cats, Risya, and her kids are Kitty, Kittun and Intan. They pampered them. And what do Aey realized, there's a happiness on their face as the exciters within their custody. Seriously my sister and Aey really scared with a cat and Aey don’t know how she gonna treat it as a pet if she didn’t dare to touch although a single fur. If our family were having meals outside and saw cat even from far, we’ll choose to left the food and get in the car without thinking much. In dangerous way you’ll only think to save you life even the cat are not harmy to us, human. Wildcat can jump on the table just to get a pieces of food. That’s what Aey hate so..

Day by days, month by month, we’d seriously bought their cookies and learning the best for the pets. And everyday conversations must have the pets parts.

Sooner, holidays beginned. We decided to visits daddy’s hometown. And the cats were left home freely so they need to hunted for food themselves cause the food wasn’t enough to feed them for a week. While we're above on the sky, they all keep quiet. Aey know they worried with their cats.

“Heyyie ! Risya, Kitty, Kittun, Intan . . Where were you guys ? We’re back . . ! Heyyie . .” Slowly the eyes glassy, the voice getting slower and gone muffled . . Aey know they’re sad but Aey’m not feeling the same ways cause they’re not my cats and Aey’ve never have ones. Besides, Aey’m staying in hostel so my time were only for my books and my life. Not for pets !

Suddenly, a black (not really black, its actually dark brown if it’s fur clearly seen), jumping here and there and come towards my brother, it’s owner. “Kitty, I know you’ll be here, honey ! Promise me you would’t left me, OK ? I love you so much . .  blab la bla and so on” . . Another two siblings trust that their cats were there too (the way from Kitty was just now) . . Aey standstill there and waited. BUT, things get into vice versa. They have gone and don’t know where ? That’s how Risya, left with her two kids.

The only left is Kitty. But then, she also left when we all gone for a vacation. That’s the story of the first pet. But there’s a changes. My sister now daring to touch a cats, but only her pet cause she know it better. Me ? Hmm, Aey’m daring .. Daring to see them closer . .  AT LEAST, there's still an ENHANCEMENT . . 

Do my siblings fed up and frustrated to have a pets again ?

To be continued . .

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